Serious Beauty Professionals has become the solution for the new world in distribution! I can now supply clients with my own brand of products as well as supply them with other new innovative brands with tremendous ease and low cost. A win-win for all. I have been a part of the Serious Beauty Collective for several years. From my more than two decades of experience in the beauty industry, I can tell you SBP is the most professional, caring and organized group currently in beauty fulfillment. Beauty brands can now come together and give mutual support to each other and promote their products to each others clientele. This has lowered the cost of distribution and given a larger footprint to grow each others brands together. I specialize in shear sales and am able to expand my brand of shears to other parts of the country through other reps like myself who also have long time relationships with their clients. My company, Shears Talk has a large and diverse selection of shears and tools to supply cosmetologists, barbers and beauty schools. My ‘rock star’ shear is changing the industry and is the most ergonomically correct shear on the market called the Slider Shear. SBP Serious Beauty Collective has given me a platform to share the health and styling benefits of the Slider Shear. The SBP Serious Beauty Collective is an association of beauty professionals who want to share their products in a personal and professional way not just to their own clients, but industry professionals across the country. There is no better opportunity to supply products to professionals than with SBP Serious Beauty Collective.

Dean Fries.