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Program overview

The Serious Beauty Professionals (SBP) Collective is designed to bring independent manufacturers and distributors together into a network that allows us to collaborate and work together to make the professional beauty industry stronger. SBP connects manufacturers and distributors through a collective network by providing fulfillment for companies wanting to focus on sales and marketing, while still expanding their sales force across the entire Western United States. The result is that independent distributors have more to sell their customers without inventory investment, or the fear of building a line just to lose the sales to a larger distributor. Commissions paid to the distributors on products meet or exceed net profits with traditional distribution model. Manufacturers instantly receive sales coverage for the Western United States, through a collective of interdependent distributors. This allows a manufacturer to have multiple sales entities representing their brand while having one point of contact (SBP) and a standard for quality of service that will be maintained throughout the collective. SBP Fulfillment has proven to be cost effective, to provide better shipping and service levels, and to provide expanded distribution without getting locked into territory exclusivity contracts.