Q: What do distributors want to be doing?
Q: What are regular distributors doing instead?
A: Spending time and energy processing, packing, and shipping orders.

We can’t stress enough how important it is for professional beauty product distributors to keep their focus on selling and building relationships with salons in order to keep making money. Yes, of course, the order processing, packaging, and shipping, as well as dealing with phone calls and clients is part of the work as well.

But what if you could outsource all of these time-consuming tasks to expert hands, who will maintain your stellar customer experience?

That’s where SBP can provide you every service you need to succeed

We are Serious Beauty Professionals, a collective designed to connect professional beauty distributors and manufacturers in a unique collaborative network. With our help, both parties benefit from each other. While distributors have more to sell their customers without investing in stock and storage, manufacturers get an extended representation across the entire Western United States.

Even better! We bring a hassle-free process as SBP is the only point of contact. We are committed to offering a standard for quality of service that will be maintained throughout the collective, thus ensuring your clients receive the BEST customer service.

Benefits of joining Serious Beauty Professionals

  • By joining SBP, you become a valuable member of the collective, and you can both offer and receive numerous benefits through other collective sales members. In this case, distributors have the chance to improve their businesses by:
  • Allowing their customers to buy the number of products they want of different lines and receive all their goods in one order, while enjoying a consistent and superior customer experience.
  • Operating more efficiently and leveraging discounts in shipping and labor because of economies of scale, while receiving our exclusive shipping and fulfillment discounts.
  • Accessing a professional customer service staff, highly trained and equipped to serve your clients, putting their
  • satisfaction as their number 1 priority.
  • Effective, immediate response in case of returns, refunds or, replacements, always following the policies of your company.
  • Thousands of outbound customer sales phone calls, advertising your brand and promotions.
  • Sales commissions that meet or exceed the profit margins of the traditional distribution model.

But most importantly, time is the biggest reward when you become a part of this collective. The time given back to you to focus on strengthening your salesforce through training and support, to focus on marketing strategies, and to focus on increasing your sales without sacrificing your customers quality experience.
So, do you want to be a regular distributor? Or will you join SBP and take your business to the next level? Contact us immediately to learn more about this amazing opportunity to grow in the beauty industry.