Salon owners, stylists… THIS IS FOR YOU.
Are you tired of paying shipping from different distributors?
Do you hate having to call multiple vendors to restock your salon?

Serious Beauty Professionals is here to present the best solution to all your problems. And this time, we are introducing the SBP Shipping Club.

SBP Shipping Club vs. Traditional shipping

When buying products from regular distributors, you have to deal with hidden or expensive shipping costs. For most items, shipping costs are based on product/box size and weight, shipping method, and delivery address.
Besides, there is the hassle of tracking boxes coming from different locations, arriving at different times, having to check over and over numerous orders and invoices… This all can be the worst enemy of your business.
But, Serious Beauty Professionals wants to reward salons’ loyalty to distributors with an unmatchable shipping offer: The SBP Shipping Club.
Our Shipping Club members only pay one monthly flat shipping rate. For as low as $17.95, you can get unlimited orders per month, every month. Access a wide catalog of premium products and get them within our expected delivery time of 1-2 days all over the Western U.S. States.

What makes the SBP Shipping Club work?

This shipping club is supported by its collective. SBP stands for Serious Beauty Professionals, a network that brings manufacturers and distributors together to make the beauty industry stronger every time. With SBP, distributors can offer a wider selection of products without the risk and effort of keeping stock, while manufacturers have an extended trustworthy representation.
The best part is that SBP is the one point of contact for clients, ensuring they will receive the best service and response.

But, how does this benefit salons and stylists?

To make this even easier for salons and stylists, SBP offers a Shipping Club that any professional cosmetologist can join to get utmost salon lines and sundries with the fast and accurate shipping service they usually get from us.
But member benefits go beyond the fast and flat-rate shipping. Though the SBP shipping club, salon owners and stylists now have the chance to grow their businesses without any hassle. Buy premium professional beauty products online at the best prices, and enjoy the savings in time and money.

Benefits for SBP Shipping Club Members

  • Unlimited ordering with a flat monthly shipping rate. That’s right! For only $17.99 per month, you can enjoy our unlimited shipping service.
  • Only pay for what you get and enjoy the savings. Buy, try and restock products any time you want, paying only their price. Enjoy free shipping on all orders, and amazing discounts on new products.
  • Wide selection of brands and lines. You can receive as many orders as you want from any of our distributors. You can visit to check all of the brands available through SBP.

With over 40 years of experience helping salons grow their organizations, Serious Beauty Professionals Distributor Sales Collective, continues to take the beauty industry to the next level. Join now and boost your business!