Did you know that the 3 biggest costs that take away from salon distributors’ profits are labor, rent, and shipping?

That’s right! And these 3 costs can equate to 30%+ of the product sale. The good news is, now that you know what your main money drainers are, you can plan efficient corrective actions on these areas immediately.

But, how?

Distributors should focus on what grows their business (SALES!) and distributors are now realizing that they can use Serious Beauty Professionals to help them handle the day-to-day logistics. This will allow customers to experience timely and consistent quality customer service, and distributors to keep their focus on selling and on building and powering their sales team.

Serious Beauty Professionals uses a unique distributor collective model to specifically address the reduction of these three costs for distributors. Simultaneously, we add technical capabilities like marketing support, customer service support, and online ordering app, among others services.

Professional salon products distributors may:

  • Expand their sales footprint
  • Get rid of their warehouse and office space and labor
  • Significantly reduce shipping costs with split shipment charges on orders
  • Get huge shipping discounts due to economies of scale.

We are the most professional, caring, and organized group currently in beauty fulfillment. Distributors in the beauty industry who want to take their business to the next level use Serious Beauty Professionals as their vehicle.

How does the SBP distributor collective model work?

SBP Serious Beauty Collective is the best way to supply products to professionals. The SBP Serious Beauty Collective is an association of beauty professionals who want to share their products not only with their own clients but industry professionals across the country.

This model is designed to bring independent manufacturers and distributors together into a network, allowing companies to collaborate together to better meet any market’s demands. Beauty brands can now come together and give mutual support to each other and promote their products to each other’s clientele.

SBP connects manufacturers and distributors through a collective network by providing fulfillment for companies wanting to focus on sales and marketing, while still expanding their sales force across the entire Western United States. A win-win association not only to make the professional beauty industry stronger but also to grow each other’s brands together.

Benefits of the SBP distributor collective model

SBP Fulfillment has proven to be cost-effective while providing better shipping and service levels, and extended territory coverage. Additionally, manufacturers and distributors find value from this collective as follow:

  • Members of this collective know and follow SBP standards for quality of service. This way, manufacturers can trust their brand to be represented by multiple sales entities, while only having to deal with SBP.
  • Independent distributors have more to sell their customers without inventory investment, or the fear of building a line just to lose the sales to a larger distributor.
  • Commissions paid to the distributors on products meet or exceed net profits they would enjoy with the traditional distribution model.
  • Manufacturers instantly receive sales coverage for the Western United States, through a collective of interdependent distributors.