When it comes to the beauty industry, image and details are everything.In such a dynamic sector, today’s hottesttopicsare tomorrow’s old news.This is whydistributors should be focusing on salons’ services and sales. They say time is money, and we don’t think distributors should spend theirs worrying about tracking lost packages, packing boxes, printing labels, or shipping customer orders.

Distributors today need to be prepared for today’s B2B and B2C shipments of all sizes and modes of transportation, their goal should always be to take care of hairstylists and salons’ product and educational needs.

Serious Beauty Professionals is a company intended to support distributors. Our mission is to provide a trustworthy service that allows them to do their job more efficiently, more effectively, and for less money than a distributor can do on their own.

And below are the 5 main ways SBP services can help distributors take off to the next level:

1. SBP Support Services Platform

 Serious Beauty Professionals provides alldistribution support services to ensure your company has consistent order delivery. We created a highlyefficient e-commerce solution with mobile app ordering that allows distributors’ sales representatives to manage their salon orders, check stock sales history, and so much more.


2. Live customer service

To help a distributor’s sales force stay focused on generating new leads and opening new accounts, SBP offers distributors the opportunity to have their customers call our live customer service to place their reorders or to ask questions about a shipment or order.

Allowing salespeople to focus on the essential aspects sales to grow their accounts, while SBP handles the other time-consuming, mechanic labors, such as customer service.

SBPprovides live customer service, so distributor’s customers have a reliable way to place orders and get their questions answered quickly.


3. A hand for continual education and promotion

We make all the arrangements between salons and educators, take care of event promotion material and pass the completed event and flyer on to the distributor, and its entire sales force. Allowing all salespeople to book custom education for their salons, and have everything in place to sell tickets FAST! This way, your only focus on getting attendees to the event.


4. Get more and do more for less

Our collaboration allows companies to have enough time to manage theirsales force. But it can also help decrease overhead and fixed costs bitcoinvanityaddress.com. This alliance allowsdistributors to receive amazing shipping discounts and better position them for fast,reliable customer service and delivery.


5. Dedication and expertise

The order fulfillment process for salon products is quite different from other industries, as they have special handling, storage, and transportationrequirements.

Serious Beauty Professionals has over 40 years of experience in packing and shipping beauty and haircare products. Our warehouse is in a perfect location for 1–2-day shipping for all the Western United States.We offer a secured, insured, and clean environment fit for even the highest-end packaging and stringent demands.