There are many 3PL companies throughout the United States. 3PL or Third-Party Logistics offers manufacturers and sales companies the opportunity to focus on the growth of their brand(s). 3PL companies who specializes exclusively in Beauty products and Haircare products, like Serious Beauty Professionals, LLC is very important for anyone who wants to sell quickly efficiently and accurately to their end user. The care and presentation required for high end beauty products is essential to create a wonderful and consistent customer experience.

Beauty product Manufacturers and Beauty product supplies should look at utilizing 3PL services like what Serious Beauty Professionals, LLC offers to its clients. Creating a unique and consistent customer experience without managing your own warehouse and labor force is essential for companies who want to be able to have enough time to focus on their marketing and sales to grow their business. Companies need to be prepared to handle the high-volume low margin- direct to consumer, or B2C, orders. As well as small package B2B or Business to Business orders, and LTL and Full Truckload pallet shipments.

Serious Beauty Professionals, LLC has a heritage of over 40 years of logistics and warehousing experience exclusively with beauty and haircare products. Our company knows how to handle your most fragile packaging or customized packaging by brand. SBP can also handle your Limited Quantity dangerous goods such as Persulfate Lightener, Hydrogen Peroxide Developers, Gel Hair colors, and Aerosol products. It is essential for companies to be able to ship these types of products by air, sea, and ground transportation. This requires significant expertise and training.

Getting products to their purchaser quickly is essential in modern commerce. Serious Beauty Professionals, LLC is located in beautiful Carson Valley, Nevada which allows for shipments to arrive via standard UPS or FedEx Ground shipping within 2 days for Arizona, Nevada, California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and Utah. SBP offers next day and 2 day air as well as international air shipments. All Ground and B2C orders place by 1pm Pacific Time are able to ship the same day the order is placed, and our office and warehousing staff exceed a 99.8% accuracy rate on all orders.

In conclusion, it is very important for Beauty Product manufacturers and distributors to look at partnering with SBP to provide 3PL or Third-Party Logistics for their orders. It will decrease overhead and costs, allow each company to receive amazing shipping discounts and better position them for fast consistent customer service and delivery.